Terms of delivery

Free Delivery from 1000€ of Purchases*

*Your address will be used to calculate delivery costs before payment.


Collection on site is free of charge regardless of the amount of your order. Please contact us to arrange the appointment day and time. We will tell you the exact location of the collection which is not the address of the company headquarters.


    • ZONE 1 : Paris Region only the following cities: Paris 75; 92100; 92110; 92120; 92130; 92140; 92150; 92160; 92170; 92190; 92200; 92210; 92220; 92240; 92260; 92290; 92300; 92310; 92320; 92330; 92340; 92350; 92360; 92370; 92380; 92400; 92410; 92420; 92430; 92500; 92600; 92800; 78000; 78140; 78220; 78350; 91570.
    • Rate: Free Delivery (0€)
      • ZONE 2 : Paris region, all cities outside Zone 1.
      • Price: Free Delivery (0€) from 1000€ of order; 50€ if order less than 1000€.
      • ZONE 3 : Rest of France and neighboring countries including Monaco, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands.
      • Price: Free Delivery (0€) from 1000€ of order; 100€ if order less than 1000€.

    For any delivery to another country not mentioned, you can contact us by specifying the country concerned, the postal code and the name of the city, a tailor-made quote will be requested from the carrier and will be offered to you at cost price.

    Area 1

    Near Meudon 92190 (according to your Postal Code)

    For any order


    Area 2

    Île-de-France (Order less than 1000€) ----->

    From 1000€ of purchases ----->




    Area 3

    Order less than 1000€ ----->

    From 1000€ of purchases ----->




    Shipping requires approximately 3 days of preparation of the package (cleaning-packing-strapping on pallet-labeling-scheduling of collection by carrier). Added to this is transport to your home, which takes approximately 3 working days. The delivery person will contact you to set a delivery time. Provide someone to help you carry the furniture into your home (see CARRYING paragraph).


    The furniture is correctly packaged in bubble wrap or foam then cardboard. Bulky furniture is strapped onto a pallet to allow handling by pallet truck.


    The delivery person is alone and delivers the furniture to you at the foot of your building or your house. It is then up to you to take it to your place of residence. We advise you to have someone available to help you with this task. The delivery person can pull the pallet into a garage or yard using his pallet truck.

    Exception: for Zones 1 and 2, we deliver ourselves and leave the furniture directly in your home.


    Upon receipt, if you observe tears in the packaging which could indicate damage to the furniture, please check them closely in the presence of the delivery person.

    If they are proven, we ask you to take photos of the parties concerned, to contact us immediately at and send them to us by text message. You must then "express reservations" to the delivery person : he will therefore have to take notes and photos of the damage observed, notifying "reservations expressed" on your delivery slip. This will allow us to involve the carrier's insurance.

    If the damage is too severe (broken furniture), you will have to refuse the delivery and the delivery person will leave with it. In this case you can opt either for a full refund of your order, or to send a similar piece of furniture at no cost to you.

    • Are the transactions secure?

      Yes, our site has a first electronic firewall against any third-party intrusion and a second SSL encryption lock that secures online transactions.

    • What payment methods do you accept?

      Electronic means of payment such as credit cards, ShopPay, ApplePay are accepted. For reasons of substantial costs, we have not integrated the PayPal system.

    • Do you accept payment in installments?

      Yes, we also offer payment in 3 or 4 installments free of charge. For this we invite you to contact us to tell you the procedure to follow.

    • Are there delivery charges?

      Shipping costs are defined according to your geographical area and the amount of the order. Full details can be found in our Shipping Policy .

    • How soon will I receive my order?

      After your order is placed, 3 days are necessary for the preparation of your order, the packaging and the removal by the carrier.

      Your order will then be deposited at the regional platform of the carrier where your home is located. A delivery person will contact you to set a delivery date.

      In total, the operation takes at least 7 days.

    • What other countries can you ship to?

      For reasons of logistics costs, we limit our shipments to a few countries in the Euro zone which you will find in our Shipping Policy .

    • Does the delivery include installation in the home?

      • The installation inside the home is carried out only in the Paris region (Zone 1 and 2) by us. Everywhere else the delivery person is alone and therefore cannot perform this task. He can, with the help of his pallet truck, drop it off in a garage, for example. You will need to provide someone close to you to help you.
    • Is it possible to return the order?

      Yes, we invite you to refer to our Return Policy which informs you of the procedure to follow.

    • Can I cancel or exchange my order?

      After placing your order, you can cancel or exchange your order within a limited period of 24 hours.

      After this time, a hold charge will be applied equivalent to the outward and return shipping charges. Indeed the service of the carrier is deemed to be acquired and must be honored.